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Vegetarian Food

Indian Vegetarian Food in Sunnybank Hills

At Indian Corner we are proud to offer myriad vegetarian/vegan options for our valued clients. Please take a look below to sample our vegetarian/vegan menu. If you have any other intolerances such as gluten or dairy please refer to our main menu which indicates the ingredients used in more detail.

If you have any other questions, please give us a call and ask! We’re happy to accommodate all dietary requirements, where possible.



Gulab Jamun

$4.5 | $5.9(with Icecream)

India’s most popular dessert, it consist of soft, melt-in-your mouth, fried dumplings made of syrup.

Sooji Halwa


Traditional Indian dessert, pudding made of semolina(Sooji), ghee, sugar & nuts.

Sizzling Choclate Brownie


Chocolate brownie with a scoop of ice-cream on top served with a generous pouring of melted chocolate on the ice-cream. It is served on hot sizzler plates to be eaten directly in its sizzling hot from.

Rasmalai (2 pcs)


This dessert originates from easter regions of India it consist of soft paneer(Cheese) balls immersed in chilled creamy milk.

Gadbad Ice cream


Ice cream is a made with different flavours of ice cream, some jelly cubes, chopped fruits and served with crushed nuts.

Paan ice-cream


 Goodness of Ice-cream flavoured with paan (betel Leaves).

Tilla Kulfi


Traditional creamy Indian kulfi(ice-cream) made with full fat milk flavoured with cordamom and other dry fruits. Served on a stick (tila).


The falooda is a dessert disguised as a drink. It is a felicitous coupling of silky vermicelli noodles with ice cream and crushed ice, slithery black basil seeds (tukmaria), all of which is steeped in a colourful bath of flavours and syrup,with nuts sprinkled over.

Kesar Falooda



Mango Falooda



Rose Falooda


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